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Welcome to The Environmental Justice Blog. I'm glad you're here.
This is not your typical environmental blog. Here, I will be dealing with environmental justice and illuminating the black and indigenous communities that face environmental racism and injustice. So take a seat and learn with me as we explore these issues.


Remembering the #BuffaloTen

Aaron Salter. Ruth Whitfield. Katherine "Kat" Massey. Pearly Young. Heyward Patterson. Celestine Chaney. Roberta Drury. Margus D....

So about electric vehicles....

It seems like everyone wants an electric car. I see them all around me. Teslas. Chevy Volts. Hyundais. Audis. Porsches. I’m even starting...

Let's Talk about Environmental Racism

“So maybe you should go and tell your white friends about what’s really going on.” His words were heartfelt, piercing, and yet, filled...

Meet the Blogger

Before you dive into this blog, I want you to know that there is a real person who is writing and curating the content here. I'm not...


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